Upper Marlboro Homes Sold 2012

Upper Marlboro Homes SOLD 2012:   1028

Average SELLING price:  $232,896

Average DAYS ON MARKET: 73

LOWEST SALE price:  $20,000 - 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom mobile home located in Flower Village

HIGHEST SALE price:  $885,731 - 5 bedroom, 6.5 bathroom single family home in Beechtree (new construction) 

The total number of Upper Marlboro homes sold in 2012 (1028) is up slightly from the total number of homes sold in 2011 (1019).  Days on market has decreased slightly and the average home sales price has decreased by about 3.5% from $241,370 in 2011 to $232,896 in 2012.

The majority of Upper Marlboro homes sold in 2012 were standard sales which likely reflects the robust new construction market in the area.

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There are currently 243 active homes for sale with list prices ranging from $17,800 – $1,850,000 and 446 homes currently under contract.

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